India’s Tata Steel utilizing graphene paint, powder and inks


India’s Tata Steel utilizing graphene paint, powder and inks thanks to its diversification plans, in part by establishing the Graphene Development Centre.

From setting up scrapyards to steel recycling plants to developing new materials such as graphene, Tata Steel is looking to seed new businesses in a bid to limit the impact of uncertain steel pricing on its revenues.

TV Narendran, Managing Director, Tata Steel, told BusinessLine that 30 per cent of the company’s revenues would come from non-core businesses in five years. Currently, it gets about 10 per cent of its revenue from these initiatives.

“We are planting the seeds of the future. One seed is the service and solution, the other is our new materials business, where we are working with graphene,” said Narendran…

…In the new materials business, Tata Steel is working with graphene. With the increasing threat from alternative products, the company is focussing on developing advanced material to protect its margin and bottom line.

Its Graphene Development Centre has recently produced corrosion-resistant graphene paint and supplied graphene powder to renowned tyre companies.

It has also demonstrated the potential of graphene inks, which are used in the printing of train tickets, plane boarding passes, and RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags. Like other conductive inks, graphene ink can be used to create printed materials that conduct heat and electricity.

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