Graphene infused resins development and sales agreement by Innovative Aspects, LLC and Ressinea, LLC


Graphene infused resins development and sales agreement entered into by National Graphene Association Corporate Partner Ressinea, LLC and Innovative Aspects, LLC.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, September 10, 2019 – Innovative Aspects LLC (IA) is a company focused on the application and sale of enabling technology for graphene enhanced materials and products. The Company is pleased to announce that Ressinea LLC has formally agreed to enter into a joint development agreement with IA for the development and sale of graphene infused resins. This agreement has resulted from the preliminary but highly successful work, jointly undertaken, to develop a range of graphene enhanced resins.

The agreement provides Ressinea with the exclusive worldwide rights to market, distribute and sell a range of its resins enhanced with IA’s formulated graphene. The agreement will allow Ressinea to purchase IA’s graphene enhanced masterbatches for use in the fields of composites and adhesives. IA has also agreed to work exclusively with Ressinea to further develop graphene enhanced resins with specific targeted performance characteristics

Over the past six months, IA and Ressinea have been jointly working on the development of graphene enhanced resin formulations with significant performance enhancements in terms of improved fracture toughness and thermal conductivity. After further development work to optimize both product performance and manufacturing processes, Ressinea’s resins enhanced with IA’s graphene technology will be evaluated by targeted customers looking to benefit from the fracture toughness or thermal conductivity property improvements.

Tracey Marquart, IA CEO, stated: “We made the decision to invest time and money into the development of epoxy resins for Ressinea. Preliminary results were beyond expectations and the research into the graphene infusion process has been instrumental into future formulizations, ensuring consistent quality and a unique product line which is growing exponentially. The breakthroughs we have experienced are very significant in ensuring consistent quality and differentiating us from competitors. We believe Ressinea is now able to sell proven resins infused the graphene which will be the first such products in the world.”

Chris Clark, CEO of Ressinea added: “We have made great progress over the past six months in the development of graphene enhanced resins with major enhancements in the qualities for which the specific resin was designed. The ability to radically improve the baseline properties of resins and adhesives with the infusion of graphene has now been proven through testing. We are now in the position of offer graphene infused resin to manufacturers and end-users with the assurance that our products will improve performance. Our joint development relationship has produced resins that are totally unique in the industry. We look forward to a long and mutually prosperous relationship with IA as we continue to formulate new resins.”

For more information, please contact Tracey Marquart at 832-666-3143, or email

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