Announcing Graphene Flagship graphene products list


Prior to this exciting announcement of Graphene Flagship graphene products list, Head of Innovation Kari Hjelt wrote, “Halfway through the ten-year project, the Graphene Flagship has successfully developed over 25 commercial products, using the impressive conductivity, strength and flexibility of graphene to improve on the properties of previously used materials. However, bringing a new material to market is not without its challenges. ”

Graphene Flagship Partners and Associated Members have released a number of products containing graphene to the market. Here is a sampling of these.

Researchers from IIT and Italian design company Momodesign incorporated graphene into the exterior shell of this helmet as a coating. This coating allows better distribution of impact force and the excellent heat-conductive properties of the graphene dissipate heat quickly across the helmet, protecting the inner materials from thermal degradation. The result is a helmet with improved thermal comfort and safety.

Graphene-based inks give printed textiles added functionality of touch sensors and circuits. Low-cost graphene inks can replace metal inks for printed circuits for a wide range of smart devices. Graphene inks will pave the road to wide availability of flexible circuits and sensors for smart connections and the Internet of Things.

Corsa is the tire of choice for professional riders in the peloton. Manufactured with premium cotton casing to conform closer to the road’s surface, and to provide a smoother ride, easier rolling, and better grip. Four compounds in the tread (4C) and GRAPHENE 2.0 allow for higher speed, increased wear life, lower resistance, and improved grip.

The Elesia Air Cooling Unit EL-ACU-1000 features an innovative approach in the design of high-performance air conditioning. Nanesa produced the evaporator and condenser unit through modern nanotechnology, using aluminium foam slices covered with a graphene-copper coating. These two components act as heat sinks, resulting in a compact system with exceptional efficiency (η>150%, compared to conventional systems).

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