Graphene-based retinal implants to restore vision awarded million euro “la Caixa” Health Research Grant


Graphene-based retinal implants projects led by Luis Serrano (CRG), Eduard Batlle (IRB Barcelona), Pau Gorostiza (IBEC), Raúl Méndez (IRB Barcelona) and José Antonio del Río (IBEC) have been awarded with “la Caixa” Health Research Grants and four researchers from ICFO (2), IFAE and IRB Barcelona received postdoctoral grants.

The project Adaptive Retinal Implant Technology for Vision Restoration (i-VISION), led by the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), a BIST centre, has been awarded a “la Caixa” Health Research Grant. The work is the follow-up of the BIST Ignite THEIA project, in which the ICN2, IFAE, ICFO and Barraquer Ophthalmological Center began their research into this new generation of retinal prostheses. THEIA was awarded funding through two successive BIST Ignite grants, in 2016 and in 2017.

BIST centres IFAE and ICFO, along with the Barraquer Foundation and the Institut de la Vision(University of Sorbonne) are the partner institutions forming the newly named i-VISION research consortium led by the BIST centre ICN2. The three-year project will design the next generation of retinal prostheses using graphene-based electrodes to provide artificial vision to patients blinded by retinal degeneration.

This year’s “la Caixa” Health Research Grants are the second edition of a call aimed at fostering biomedical and health research projects with high social impact. The grants consist of 1 million euros for research consortia, as is the case with i-VISION, and half a million for individual institutions. A total of 22 projects have been selected out of 632 proposals, covering areas such as oncology, infectious diseases and neuroscience. The grantees have three years to turn their projects into meaningful results. Read full story here.

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