AzTrong Develops New Portable Cancer Detection Devices


The early detection of cancer through a bunch of complex examinations like MRI, CT scan, mammogram, a biopsy or a lengthy blood test saves thousands of lives annually. These diagnosis techniques and procedures are only conducted at the hospital setting due to equipment. AzTrong ( is developing a portable cancer-detecting device using graphene oxide and Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technology hope to save thousands more through an easier and less costly approach. Kuan-Tsae Huang, AzTrong CEO said, the device is designed to be portable at the size of blood pressure device, so consumers could use them on their own and at their home.

AzTrong Inc, a graphene company based in Tennessee and Taiwan Hsinchu Science Park is working with Professor Nan-Fu Chiu of the National Taiwan Normal University to leverage both Carboxyl-functionalized graphene oxide (carboxyl-GO) [1,2] and cytolerayin 19 (CK19) protein biomarker to produce a new sensor that increase the sensitivity of diagnostic devices used to monitor non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSLC). The lowest detectable concentration was as low as 1 fg/mL. A spiked 10% human plasma CK19 detection limit of 0.05 pg/mL was achieved, well below the normal physiological level of serum protein (3.3 ng/mL) [2].

A carboxyl-GO chip appeared to be beneficial in detecting CK19 biomarker due to a high affinity, sensitivity, specificity and ease of use. The proposed carboxyl-GOchip had interesting features including diagnostic accuracy as well as repeatability and selectivity.Therefore, a carboxyl-GO based biosensor appears to have high sensitivity and specificity for the detection of clinical whole plasma biomarkers and possible application in diagnosing diseases.

[1]Nan-Fu Chiu, Shi-Yuan Fan, Cheng-Du Yang, Teng-Yi Huang, Carboxyl-functionalized graphene oxide composites as SPR biosensors with enhanced sensitivity for immunoaffinity detection, Biosens Bioelectron89, 1, 370-376 (2017).

[2]Nan-Fu Chiu, Ting-Li Lin,Chia-Tzu Kuo,“Highly sensitive carboxyl-graphene oxide-based surface plasmon resonance immunosensor for the detection of lung cancer for cytokeratin 19 biomarker in human plasma,” Sens. actuators. B Chem., 265, 264-272 (2018).

AzTrong is a graphene application company, focusing on cost-effective technology and automatic manufacturing equipment that can be used for the mass production of quality composite and graphene products in powder, film, and ink format for industrial solutions. AzTrong currently focus on graphene-enriched composites; new battery architecture and manufacturing methods for graphene battery; and conductive ink for flexible electronics and semiconductor packaging. The company’s overarching vision is to leverage graphene materials to create a high value chain for the Smart Life solution and services.

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